The fight

by; ©thesuigeneris

Let me take you on a journey, neither a thrilling one nor such devoid of hebetude.

We lived as though we were an indispensable part of the world order, while we ransacked every bit of humanity in each other.

We walked on the land as though it was just a slave of our existence, while we developed mechanisms to deprive nature of its fresh breaths and radiant beauty.

Now, we are caged by a minion of the world’s claws of revenge and in dread of a tiny dependent microscopic element which lives off us.

For little did we know, the world is a capacious beast with many hazardous sycophants that could destroy it’s own essence.

While our liveliness remains inept and buried deep within us, many wake up to the austere fact that without us the nature we estranged would be the scenery it was meant to be.

And some await the reawakening of our fiery passion, to take the world back by the horns and be our beast that it always was.

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