ARROW OF FATE episode 15

When I had regained consciousness, I couldn’t find Abdulhakeem as he had left for a party. I needed someone to console me, “who do I call, who will come to my aid?”
I had no option than to call on Aisha. I did called her and asked if she could come to my house, she said “yes”. “I need someone to help me, I want to visit clinic”, I said.

That very night, I began to think, think over and over again… Love?? There’s nothing as such, it doesn’t exist. As my thought went wild, I had to question God, I couldn’t forget Him also for His neglection, why did He refuse to give me my own child? Then, Aisha pulled the door and came in.
“Oh God, thought you said you were sick?” But then, I was mute and couldn’t say anything, not because I couldn’t say anything but because I don’t know what to say.
“Aisha, what’s going on, what happened, where’s Abdulhakeem?”
I summoned some courage and found myself to say a few words; “Aisha, my marriage has crumbled. Abdulhakeem has children outside, please help me, we need to see the native man or what did you talk about the last time. I need charms, effective ones. The lady and those children he talked about must not come here, they shouldn’t find their way here at all.”
“Don’t worry, just calm down please, we can’t go today anymore but tomorrow…” “When should we go tomorrow? Early morning”, I retorted.

The next day, she had waited for long as Aisha didn’t arrive early, it was noon before she could be done with chores. She couldn’t question her, seeing her was enough for, because she knows it’ll be done no matter what. My only concern was how to keep my marriage and home.
At the native doctor’s house, she was told about some rituals and some amount were requested for the needful… Aminah couldn’t refuse due to the fact that she was blinded by her ordeal, forgetting that, ‘the solution to a problem is the beginning of another one’. Just as Okinba Launko used in one of his poem: “Our war has ended because war is now with us.”

For the requirements of the ritual, I got them that very day. I had never been in a hurry as such.

Oh yes, the deal is done. I had done the rituals as prescribed by the herbalist, I spent a lot but who cares. That night, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t wait for the outcome of the charm already.

When I got home, I met Abdulhakeem at home, I greeted him, apologized and told him I went to get some things, but he turned deaf hears, as usual, I left him and prepare his dinner, I knew he wouldn’t eat it, but still, it’s my responsibility and I never neglect it, and on his own side, it’s his usual habit to reject my food and so this time also.

But that very night, I had a terrible dream as I was warned strictly by my mother in my dream to shun my ways of going to the herbalist. As I woke up, I couldn’t get myself that had it been Abdulhakeem was a caring husband and equipped with the features of a husband, he’d have known that something was going on but, he’s dead – a living dead. I had to see Aisha, I went to her house and informed her that I was no longer interested, but on her own side, she was mad at me. “Why would you do that, just this very yesterday, you were so eager that everything be done in a jiffy and now, you’re here ready to quit, what’s wrong?”
I couldn’t tell her anything than I want to quit.
“Okay, no problem. I’m sure you’ll soon find your way out of that house, who knows maybe you’ve been mesmerized by Abdulhakeem, that good for nothing boy, a wizard.”

Just three days after I had visited the herbalist, should I say it’s my charm that works or something else… What’s this that’s happening?

My head swell as I saw…

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus🌹)


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Lawal Mubarak is an undergraduate at the Lagos State University, Ojo. Currently reading Islamic and Peace Studies. He is a writer and a poet. He has published several works.

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