The estate of hypocrites

by bn jum’ah

The estate of hypocrites
Gaining the momentum of destruction
Through countless phases of injustice
Gaining the velocity of bedlam
Through the leadership of a  bloat
Its residents are acclaimed tenacious
While,they are as feeble as a sickle

So sad is its fate

Once,its residents were valorous
Exhibiting bravery that surpasses imagination
Uprooting sources of vices,
They rode the horde of Victory
With will as hard as steel
Resolve as sturdy as the elysians
Their praises were eternal

So sweet was their praises

Alas!! What has now become of their fate??
When, they’ve decided to sit
And dine with hypocrisy
They are in shambles
Theirs lands are barren
Efforts rendered fruitless
Fate so sad

This is the estate of hypocrites. 

©Muhammad bn jum’ah (ibn jum’ah)

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