By: ©Yaqoob Abass Lasunkanmi

They’re Holy they’re Sacred
Why assassinate their purity?
Why Plunder their Sanity?
Why force out in them their Pride?
And Cause them Depression.

They’re Holy they’re Sacred
Why not make them consecraory rights?
Why impugne them?
Why not appreciate their Modesty?
And save them from Assault.

They’re Frightened
They’re dejected
The victims of sacrilege are in shallows
Making them Vulnerable
Killing the Growth of Humanity

Let’s propitiate the Goddesses
And Save the Continuity of Mankind
Let’s Adore the seven ribbed Beings
Let’s appease their Souls
For Some Eternal blessings
And Send Rape to permanent abatement

Say no Defilement
Say no to Sacrilege
Say no to Desecration
It’s Ungodly.!!!

©Yaqoob Abass Lasunkanmi

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