written by © Sultaaniy

Life, so beautiful and Serene
Its pasture so green and lush,
A beloved to all and sundry
Life,. A facade of an Utopia
Like the brewed scent of an ale
Embittered is its taste and sour,
It’s seekers, so anguished and disoriented.

The austerity of life calls for revolution
Its hostility high as mount Everest.
Dwelling in the sea of pandemic,
Countless trendings of ‘justice’ ensued
Yet, humans are so blood thirsty
A beast wave of no sympathy.

Is life full of boon or doom?
Why ll the pauper be preyed on??
And the magnates left unscathed
Why will the kind hearted be left in lurch??
And the devil incarnate swimming in luxury.

© Sultaaniy

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