by: © Sultaaniy

A twist of fate
From ever to date
Pure love, its state
Its nature of a date

In the land of fairies
Where the bough kisses the berries
And the leaves dance in series
Where the cool breeze swing its graces
And the red rose relish in its axis
Like the fabbled snow dynasties,
Her love- an element of crimson theories.

Her skin glowed gold like the moon
Her brilliance equals the sun
Her presence exciles the curtain of darkness
Her absence evokes the string of emotion
She- a perfect silk for the worthy.

Immersed in her soulful eyes, I was
My dour expressions now a glam
My heart yearns for her scent
Like the melted ore yearn for water.
The cold night an herald of knot,
She- a draped blanket of warmth.

© Sultaaniy

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