by © Sultaaniy

He stared blankly at the empty vista,
His feeling of stack melancholy
As the autumn tree bare its branches naked
His affection swam in afflictions
As the summer trends its harshness
He sat,
A husk yearning for her flavored scent

A moment it is
Another it is not
Like a melodious tune
Played from afar
Serene,clear and soothing
Leasing his mind a peaceful and placid rest.

She promised him thy summer,
He waited,
Through the cold and teeth shattering autumn,
He sat it out,
Like the attendants of the Egyptian pharaoh,
A crypt of mirages,
A moment of reprieve,
When he felt her presence,
A moment of dreamy illusions
When her was presence puffed out.

From dark hair to grizzled,
Grizzled to white and to grave,
Like the chill of the Autumn,
And the warmth of the summer,
His waiting was no difference.

© Sultaaniy

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