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Born a multi-talented person, I`ve been fighting difficult battles that no one knows about and even the closest people in my life couldn’t notice. I was knocked down for a couple of times till I said “it`s all finished, I ain`t gonna win this”. I thought being
knocked down for a couple of times was a sign telling me to quit.

That`s why finally I made a choice to let go of what I was fighting for. But the voice inside me was very loud
and disturbing always whispering, “If you give up now, what will you be doing with your life? What was the main reason why you didn’t quit years back after being knocked
down for the first time? Between letting go and holding on, what`s the best option at
this moment?”

I thought letting go would bring me peace of mind, but no!! I was wrong. Holding on
was much greater than letting go because I couldn`t stand the questions in my head.
I`ve been inspiring and motivating people for years and their feedback has all been
hope-giving, life-changing and positive. But when I was going through my issues in life, I didn’t know the best advice, motivation and inspirational words I could`ve given myself
to get right back on track.

All the knowledge I gained from more than 50 books about personal development and
management, and success, failed to get me back on track. And even though at last I
made a choice to not give up, I had no clue of how am gonna get back on track. So in
the middle of a stressful and overwhelming situation I realised that even though no
human was noticing my battles and the struggle, but GOD has been there seeing my life and my steps since the beginning and he has been willing to help me but all I ever do
was pushing GOD away.

Since the beginning I knew all about HIS power but I didn’t
consider him in my life and in the dreams and the plans I`ve been chasing. I realised
that the core of being defeated was that I was lacking something extremely beyond
human power – which is GOD.
After knowing this, I opened the bible, that`s when I realised how wrong I`ve been
recently. Even though GOD has always been willing to help me but my unfaithfulness
was blocking the only source of the power I needed to succeed in all areas of my life. I felt pity for myself, so I kneeled down and pray.

First I repented for my sins then I asked
the LORD to forgive me for excluding him in my life and my plans. Then I prayed that
he should restore my faith. After a few days my prayers were answered. That’s when I
realised how strong I was over all the barriers. I saw how powerless the things I thought
were my obstacles are!. The giant in me was extremely unleashed and at last I managed
to get back on track. All because of power of prayer and GOD. That`s why I ain`t ashamed to testify the reason why am still moving forward.

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