Arrow of Fate Episode 23 By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

It was not friendly for Aminah to go on with the reconciliation and bond between her and Abdullah but love had won her over. Abdullah wanted to see her family, he’s already aware of her story and life tragedy. He wanted to pay the bride price to her family as it was an important aspect of marriage.
Abdullah who had left for for where he came from the following day of his visitation to Aminah, is on the verge of making the marriage a reality as fast as he could. He has bought some materials needed for home, their wedding attire and the likes. He has informed her and make arrangements of how they’ll visit her uncle, uncle AbdulMojeed. Abdullah has been waiting for Aminah’s arrival, then there was a knock on the door, she adjusted his tie and made his suit look well before he opened the door, he laughed and laughed as he approached the door.
He opened the door and it was Aminah, Good morning sweetheart, Aminah said as she beamed a glowing smile to Abdullah.
How was your trip, honey? Abdullah asked.
It was fine, said Aminah. I just missed you so much, more that what I can explain.
Oops, sorry dear, but should we scale how we missed each other, seems I’ll miss you more than you me.
They both ate the delicacy that awaits consumption prepared by Abdullah.

They both gist, played and laughed till 3:30 pm of the day, when it’s about time to visit Aminah’s uncle, she was becoming restless and nervous, all the flashback of what happened to her while staying with her brother suddenly aroused. Abdullah saw the grief in her eyes and was pushed to asked what was wrong.
Dear, what happened, what’s wrong with you?
I didn’t feel good going there, Fatimah will still have that negative impression on me, she might thought her words really came true and I’m really barren, witch and reason for the bad happenings around me. Please Abdullah, let’s go to court for this wedding and end it all, I don’t want to go there please. Mrs. Qeebat family will witness it, Aminah put in a lot of effort to convince Abdullah but he’s a hard head type.
Hmm… Baby, is that all? Well, you’re right but who knows there might be news of your fathers whereabouts, perhaps there’s something about him that awaits you.
As he mentioned her father, Aminah took to her feet, oh yes my love, you’re right, Aminah replied. I pray there’s something about him, please let’s move. We can go now.
On their way, Aminah still remembers some places where she played she she was a kid. They got close to her uncle’s house, Aminah has been shivering, she feel reluctant and her mood swings. Abdullah held her hand, she was perplexed as she felt the touch of Abdullah, but she gained control of herself.
Abdullah made three knocks on the gate, replied by a voice in the compound, who is that?
Who is knocking?
Please open the gate and see for yourself, We’re here to see the family, Abdullah said. Aminah was impatient with the delay, the voice sounded familiar but she didn’t know which of her Uncle’s. I’m not excited with whose voice it is, she muttered to herself. She leaned on the fence with a lot going on in her head, will they receive us, this wicked lady, is she still in this house or she had left?
Finally, the gate was opened. As the gate was opened, the man who opened it was perplexed to see Aminah. It was AbdulMojeed, he has combed the entire city in search for Aminah.

Look who I have here, Aminah!!! He burst into tears. Due to Aminah’s absence, a lot has happened to him. Uncle Ibroheem that travelled to study outside the country is back and fought him for sending Aminah out, his neighbour cut all ties with him and he’s been lonely for years also.
I was even told that unless I found Aminah, my problem will never be solved. Fatimah who masterminded your leave in this house is no more here, I sent her away, if not for her family that begged on her behalf, she had made this house a hell for me, also she’s barren. The only remedy for everything that has happened to me is to bring you back and now, all praise be to Allãh, you’re back again, things will be restored. He had forgotten to allow them in, there at the entrance, he knelt down for her and seek for forgiveness, Fatimah couldn’t hesitate either, she sobbed bitterly, held Aminah’s feet and shedding tears on them, Aminah was watching the drama and didn’t know what to say, they must be comic actors or I’m in my dreamland. She couldn’t believe a lot has happened to them in her absence. Aminah made two steps back when a tear dropped on her left foot, but Abdullah encouraged her, he patted her back and nodded towards her. She bend down and held her uncle up, then Fatimah. They were led into the house.
Uncle Mojeed started, Fatimah has confessed all the false accusations against you to me, that caused me more pain.
When Ibroheem returned from the states, he refused to having anything with me when he learned of your absence here without your whereabouts. The only condition he gave me to reconcile is you. Even when your father… What, my dad? What happened to him, did you hear from him? Aminah asked?

Yes, your dad. When he came home, he came along with your younger brother your mother gave birth to before she died.
Dad…? Aminah couldn’t bear it, she began to gasp for breathe, and fainted. They all gathered around her, fanned her until she’s up. When all was settled, he continued. He came back to Nigeria for you, he wanted to take you to the states to I had lost you then. He left his number before he travelled back, he stood up and went towards a small shelf in his living room, took out a picture of Aminah’s father and her brother AbdulHameed then gave it to Aminah who has been following him to hear about her father more.
She snapped the frame from him, looked into it and held it tight, she sobbed but was happy.
Aminah found her voice, if not for this picture, number and the news of my father, I wouldn’t have forgive you. My life has also been a testimony and it’s all your fault and this your wife, raising her eyebrows to Fatimah. Anyways, this is Abdullah, my betrothed. I brought him here and he’s also the reason why I’m here, if not for him, I wouldn’t have been here.
Uncle Mojeed and Abdullah exchanged pleasantries, had meal together.

Before they left, Abdullah insist they call her father which they did, they both spoke for hours forgotten it was an international call. Aminah was happy again, when she ended the call with her father and AbdulHameed, she called uncle Ibroheem also.

As she ended the call, she has been looking at Abdullah, held his hand and was playing with it, Abdullah was befuddled as to what might make Aminah to be doing so.
Haaa, oh God… I’m so happy, she jumped up times until she fell, as she was sitting down, she faced Abdullah, thank you so much beloved, if not for you, I’d have missed this, had I know you since, my life would have been more better but God knows the best. All praises is due to Him alone, said Abdullah.

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