LIFE’S DIARY (Episode one)


Are you still pilling up worldly things
Haven’t you learnt from the foremost
That whatever you may amas here
It is of no use for you hereafter

Have you forgotten that you will soon visit grave
You can never satisfy untill you die
The foremosts have seen the reality
But, it is sad that they couldn’t relate their experience to us

Did you forget the end result of pilling up
If you have known its consequence
You would not have been occupied with worldly things.
Verily, you shall soon known.

Haven’t you learnt any lesson
From our yesterday’s leaders
The embezzled our money to polish their lives
Thought the death would not come

They live and leave this life without a kobo
They died as a slave would do
Their graves are nowhere but under the ground.
Indeed, they have known the truth

One day you will receive a debit alert
It is an unavoidable debt, everyone has to pay it
Abiola and Abasa do remember today, but with a different theme.
What are you also writing in your dairy, cause tomorrow is near to read your diary to the world.

So keep writing it, before it hang up your hands.

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