LIFE’S DIARY(episode two).



The Sower of good reaps good. And sower of bad reaps the same, and the both have effect in this world and hereafter. Behold, you are the archictecture of blocker of your blessing. You do commit sins and oblivious of its impact in your life. Whatever Allah does for you, indeed it is a blessing. But the action and inaction that usually blocking your set blessings is from you.

The major machine that easily disconnects the link of the your sustenance and provision is the extent of your sins. Allah said, He will bless you from where you think not of, provided that you don’t damage the road with your actions.

The effect of sin in your life is immeasurable: It deters you from you Lord; it germinates your hatred in the hearts of people, and the knowledge of the Deen you have begins to evaporate. Verily, among the effect of our sins is this ravaging Covid-19. What a pity! To be candid, Had been sin is a perfume nobody will dare to move out because of the scent of his sins.

The most great and destructive sin in the sight of Allah is the one you do commit in the corridor of your room. Where you think no creation sees you though, yet the Creator is watching you. Isn’t He worthy of afraid of? Sure, He does. Have you forgotten the two angels beside? By Allah, all your actions are on record. Allah said, whoever turns away from our reminders and indulging in prohibition, We will give him a life that is very distressful, full of difficulty and hardship.

Here is the time to remove the barier from the path to reach your destined blessings via the plane of forgiveness along with sincere repentance. Seek forgiveness, you shall be forgiven, turn to Him before you return, verirly He is the forgiver and the granter of blessings after forgiveness.

May Allah forgive and pardon your both minor and major sins before you return to Him and endow His infinitum blessings upon you.

Keep writing, your diary will close.

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