LIFE’S DIARY(Episode Four)


Appointed, they came to life
To live rare times, promised days, Rare they are, in the golden history books,
The sacrifice, exertion and affection For Deen, for Prophet, for the holy book.

They came to life to live When life was craving sobbing For rejuvenation of its spiritual values Inborn knowledge and credible customs.

Came with their noble messenger As heralds and sincere believers. When life was yearning librating Against shackles of troubledhumanity
Claiming the right for peace existence.

They came, stood by their great Prophet With strength as revolutionaries as liberators.
At a time life desires more personately
For civilization with new and sound inclination,
They came as pioneers and luminaries.

They triumph over the ancient world, Its empires, turn it into ruinous mount Build with Qur’an and sound Sunnah
A new world reverberating with freshness
Glittering with glorify and surprising in capability

They shaped their virtues adhered to faith,
In manner that defies comparison They were able with the speed of light

Illuminate conscience with the truth of monotheism Sweep away forever the paganism of ancient centuries
Those righteous achieved the world, then above.

Keep writing what will mortalize your name before your diary get full.

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