Whatever problem you are going through in this life call unto Him. He is the solver of any problem. He said call out to me and I will answer you. In the time of ease get closed to Allah and He will close to you in the time of hardship.

The unvoidable thing in the human life is hardship. Even our Prophet went through some challenges that ordinary person cannot withstand. He lost his mother and father at tender age. All his children died except Fatimah before he left. He faced a stong persecution from his famlly. Peace be upon him.

Allah has kept many problems and hardship in your life in order to test you. Don’t lose hope in Him and try to pass His test in flying colour, because the result of your test is invaluable here and the next life.

Behold, no calamity befalls you, but by the leave of Allah, and whosoever believes in Him that what was befallen him has been predestined to be, in fact he is among the successful.

The Prophet, peace be upon him said to one of his companions to ask from nobody except from Allah whatever he may wants. He went further that if all the people in this life agreed to give him something, they could not do so except God has destined it to be.

And if they united to harm you, they are not capable to do so, except God has dyed it to be. Therefore, move closer to your Lord. Nobody can solve your problem except Him. Verily, He is the Solver of all problems because He knows everything.

Keep writing your diary, the solver is watching.

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