Day: July 3, 2020

The Crown by Sultan Babatunde LAWAL

The Crownby Sultan Babatunde LAWAL Let’s wear the crown.The crown is Devine.God owns the crown.Anything Godly is purified. Hate is filth.Hypocrisy is impure.Backbiting is a stumbling block.Don’t obstruct your route to success. Always aim and prepare for the crown.Royalty comes with maturityYou won’t grow by bringing others down.We all can be Kings in our respective…

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No Title Written by vitu

No Title Written by vitu Take your time babe Don’t get sick of my questions I know am a headache at times But I think I should not be I think you`re the one, but if am Wrong then let`s blame it all on me With your double edged sword You cut me using both…

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