LIFE’S DIARY (Episode five) Muhyideen Kolawole: A Lesson to Learn byOLAYINKA ABDURRAZZAQ

LIFE’S DIARY (Episode five)

Muhyideen Kolawole: A Lesson to Learn

The man in question is a fervent reader and prolific writer. He is an embryo writer both national and international. His works have been published by various publishers.

Just of days, the result of the Afticn Liberty Writing Fellowship came out. Only who wears the shoe knows where it itches him. The assiduous five weeks of training will eternally reasonating in the memory of all trainees. No trainees will ever forget the weeks of toiling nights and reading like a Ph.d certificate will be the reward. But by God grace, the weeks went well and the result was expecting…

The result came out in flying colour. The happiness radiated the face of my friend and we rejoiced that he is among the first ten. Being among the first ten, the hope of getting admission is high like a Jambite that scored 380 in JAMB, Forget that everything has destined and He does thing as He wishes.

But so pathetic that when the congratulatory messages were received by trainees, my friend received none. It is amazing. He kept it inside and informed me not. But as a human, and it is natural to feel depressed when our hands failed to reach where we aimed at.

At the moment the messages were received by other trainees, he felt disorganised. I could see it in his face, a glooming face like a person that is luring by sleeping. I told him to go and sleep. He nodded, but he knew that sleeping would never come. He endured it till we parted that night.

Following day we met. The first thing to show me was his message which he sent to the editor for Liberty, Ibrahim Anoba. He sent him message to know what exactly went wrong with his failure of getting admitted despite the fact that he is among the first ten. The man replied that, “you did not complete the local coordinator training”. He was marvelled that he is among the first people to complete their trainings.

Without much ado, he forwaded his forensic evidence of almost five documents, including the certificate to him. The man was flabbergasted. Within two minutes, Kolawole received certifacate and congratulatory message of his admission to the palace of writers for Africa Liberty.

The editor, Anoba, ended his mail with a lesson. “Thanks for sending this over, Muhyideen. Lesson learned: never quit!,” he said.

Congratulations, dear friend.

So, whatever you are doing today, keep it up. Never give up and Never quit. Don’t ever lose hope in the blessing of Allah. In fact, He does things miraculously. Behold, the path is rough and the journey is tough. Only the perseverers will laugh last.

Keep writing, the diary is almost exhausted.

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