Life’s Diary (Episode seven) The Last Day: Strive For Itby Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Life’s Diary (Episode seven)

The Last Day: Strive For It
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Here is the time to act witout accounting before the Day of accounting without actions. Try to always account yourself before you will be accounted The best of all blessing you can attain is not here but in here after. Whatever you may engage in, don’t ever let you forget your destination. Put forth what you will happily to meet tomorrow. Strive for it with your ability and capacity for the betterment of your posterity.

Poverty should not be your excuse not to worship your Lord. He is the dispenser of blessings, call unto him. Behold, what is awaiting you in the next life is far far better than what you may see as a blessing here. Indeed, the successful are those who forgo the life’s enjoyment because of that of next life.

Seek knowledge about your Deen and your Lord before the Day of no excuse and no respite. The Day when everyone deeds will be tendered before him like a film that left nothing uncovered. Man will be asking, what kind of book is this that left no stone unturned?

Happiness will radiate the faces of the believers and the good doers while that of unbelievers and evil doers will be dark as pot. Always be conscious of your Lord and the two securities besides you. Verily, all your actions are put in record everyday.

Be hastilly turn to your Lord, ask for His forgiveness and often seek from Him, the best abode —Al-Janatul Firdaus. Be much in doing good, even if it will not more than an atom and refrain from an atom of bad as well.

Allah said, “That Day man will proceed in scaterred groups that they may be shown their deeds. So whosoever does good deed equal to the weight of an atom shall see it. And whosoever does bad deed equal to the weight of an atom shall see it”. SubhanaAllah!

He also said, glorify the names of your Lord and pray both obligatory prayers and supererogatory. Nay, you prefer the life of this world, although the hereafter is better and more lasting. Allahu Akbar.

Keep writing, your diary shall be shown to you on the Day. Whatever be the result, blamed nobody but yourself.

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