A minute silence for the demolition of Nigerian embassy in Ghana. This is a time to call for retaliatory measures for those who do not respect diplomatic rights, privileges of Nigeria and its citizens in foreign land.

Here is another episode. The film is like Jenifer’s Diary, month by month or year by year new episode did release with different characters. Some watched it to the end, most couldn’t and few gave it no glance. But indeed, Jenifer achieved her aim through her stage action.

Sometimes, diplomacy has to be set aside when fundamental right is involved. Every Embassy represents a country as a whole. Therefore, absolute respect must accord to it. Demolition of it may call for ammunition. If we also end this episode as ussual, I fear the worst may happen. Even Nigeria as a sovereign nation is tempting to lose her trademark, — Giant of Africa.

For more than a blink of an eye, South Africans seriously attacked Nigerians on their hard earned land. Nigerians suffered earnestly in their hands which gave birth to xenophobia to cover their illicit act against Nigerians. But it is sad that they ended their episodes like Shakespares ended the Tempest. Reconcilation came with apologies. Apology accepted. But they had achieved their objective. Which is Weighing Nigeria’s capacity. And they have known that we are toothless dog that can’t bite but bark.

1983 was like yesterday when Nigeria sent Ghanaians back to their land. That gave birth to slogan ‘Ghana Must Go’. Nigeria did this not because of hatred but because of her falling down in oil price which is her mono economy that she banks upon. These people were released of their jobs and bolted to their dying land.

What goes around comes around. History does repeat itself even if we do not wish so. Here is another episode. 2020 episode, demolition of Nigeria’s embassy entitled. This one takes a new dimension in a new setting with different characters. The setting is Ghana and its characters are also Ghanaian. As usual, this is also about to end with apology. President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, a day after the incidence, quicky like a hungry dog that sees food, made a call to Nigeria’s leader in other to apologize for the incidence.

But wait, why medicine is always after death? Can it restore the life or cure it? I do wonder. Why apology often follows illicit acts against Nigerians and not other countries? This is a time for our government to take a decisive action. They have to sell their toothless dog to buy a lion that is full of sword teeth.

This is really a lost of diplomatic ties, and the extent of their levity to Nigeria diplomacy. Destruction of Nigerian embassy over there is like destruction of Nigeria. It is a clear message that Nigerians over there are like weeds –unwanted. This is a lawless act against our land.

If Nigeria doesn’t wake up early from her slumber, this episode may continue with no ending. Even from a lesser country to test our dying Giant of Africa. Externals dare Nigerians because they have known that even Nigeria herself is not secured. Our leaders cater not much for our security.

I urge our leaders to earnestly take a serious decision against this abrasive action. When a country can’t protect her citizens against external aggression, verily it will give birth to internal aggression, which I pray not.

But before then,

God bless Nigeria, God bless Ghana.

He is a pupil of law in the University of Ilorin/Activist/ Writer/ Essayist, and investigative Journalist. He can be reached via: 08102225920

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