An Increament in Electricity Tarrif: A Day Light Robbery by OLAYINKA ABDURRAZZAQ

An Increament in Electricity Tarrif: A Day Light Robbery

Nigeria Electricity

The increament in the electricity tarrif is a day light robbery. Nigerians are suffering from instability of electricity and the government is still forcing them to pay for what they did not use. I think the law of supply has to be learnt by the government.

The level of supply electricity in Nigeria is very low compare to other countries. Though people pay for power, yet we must see the power. Other countries are celebrating stability of supply of power for some years, yet Nigeria has not been able to celebrate a year. There is no any development in our electricity sector and distribution and they want development in their tarrif. Is this not a robbery to Nigerians without arm?

Why privatize electricity sector? Believe me, there is no way how electricity sector in Nigeria will meet a standard of any lesser country if the power is still in the hands of private body. This is because, the main objective of any private sector is to make profit. Even if the power supply is not worth the price.

It is pathetic for this country that the same problem the ex leaders campaigned to dissolve are still the themes of manifestoes our today’s leaders. Going back to the lane memory during the era of Obasanjo as a President, he spent some billions to this electricity sector in order to standardize it, yet Nigerian electricity is still zig zag.

Like him are his predecessors; Yar’dua, Jonathan and Buhari. Why Nigeria are still crumbling in every sectors? This is really showing the incapability of our leaders. If a leader could not solve the problem of electricity supply amongst others for eight years, indeed, it is a lost of hope for the development of Nigeria as a nation.

People are staying in darkness for almost three months or a year and they will still pay for bill. What a country that consuming her citizens without productivity. Had been the electricity supply is stable, behold people will not hestate to pay their bills. For instance, in my area we can almost use two months or more wihout eyeing the light and they are still bringing the bill and disconnect our wires if we fail to pay. This is really an oppression that may lead to destruction via ammunition if the government fails to take a neccessary decision.

Kudos to the President of Senate that turned down that callous proposal of the DISCO, though this is good decission, yet our electiciry sector needs restructure as others need it. It should be owning and controlling by the government not by private body in order to have a stable electricity in Nigeria.

But before then… God bless Nigeria.

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