If Suicide Is A Panacea, No One Will Live: Advice to People Like a UI Graduate. byOLAYINKA ABDURRAZZAQ

If Suicide Is A Panacea, No One Will Live: Advice to People Like a UI Graduate.

I was awestruck this morning, when I was a reading the sad news of the UI graduate. He hanged himself without being sentenced by any court. It is pathetic. And he wrote that, “There is no hope, I have suffered enough and I regret been a Nigerian…” that was made him to commit suicide. I marvelled. Nigeria should not be your problem and not solution to your problem. You are the both.

Everyone has felt sad at one time or another. Usually it is due to a dissapointment, frustration or losing someone. Such sadness is normal. Time heals, the mood lifts and people continue to get on with their lives.

But in some people, depression can be so severe that it dominates their lives, preventing them from coping as they are used to. Depression of this degree is an illness that beckons suicide.

The lost of didgnity is a call to self-guilty. Self-guilty results to self-destruction. Life at times may so tough and the path may be rough. But one has to just keep going and be hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today.

The light to rekindle any dying hope is enbemded in the motivational books and biographies of the foremost companions and our leaders. At the time I started reading biographies, I appreciate more of my livings than ever. It does ignite hope in hearts and get your mind prepared for the lucent future you set.

When Nelson Mandela was explaining how he suffered before he became the greatest leader today and forever, one will learn that one’s problem is just an atom from his. When Awolowo, —the golden voice of African was narrating in his autobiography what he went through before he became a renown today, one will keep mute and shut the from complaining about one’s problem. And you will never think suicide is the best solution to cure the life’s stress.

Take that of Abiola, June 12 is a memorable day in every Nigerians mind. His story left mouth agape. The thing is never easy dear brethren. Had been all the ex leaders committed suicide like that of pessimistic of so-called tomorrow’s leaders, because of one or two problems, who will emacipate us from then shackle of enslavement and colonization? You? I doubt.

I swear, this nlife is irony. The most ironical country in it is Nigeria. We always shout that we are the leaders of tomorrow, yet we are not ready to face what the yesterday’s leaders faced before they become leaders of their time. Dear Nigerians! You have to call yourselves back and rethink how better you can do to actualize your set goals. Try a thing for two or three times without getting it does not mean that you will not get to your destination. Wait, do you know how many times our present President,—Baba Buhari has been trying to be the Nigeria’s President? roughly three times. Had been he has committed suicide, would he be able to be our president today? The answer is NO. Which shows that suicide is not a panacea but a poison.

behold, being a graduate does not guarantee your success. But the Problem of Nigerians is that, we have seen the education as a ladder to reach the home of money. It’s never done. Education is just a remover of barriers from your faces to see the dawn reality of your society and the world entirely.

That is why Nelson Mandela said, in his book ‘Long Walk To Freedom’, “that No people or nation had ever freed itself through education alone. Education is all well and good, but if we are to depend on education, we will wait a thousand year years for our freedom.” It is amazing.

Be happy dear brethren, never fire yourself by hanging. With time, you will get your desires without being tired. When it is your time, clock will work even without a battery. Behold, when there is life, hope is certain.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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