UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF HABITS Written by vitumbiko mgemezulu

Written by vitumbiko mgemezulu

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A habit is something you don’t have control over it. This means that a habit is something that controls a person`s life and this includes the way how a person thinks and takes actions. Habits are drives. Everything that an individual does each day is controlled by a habit or it comes out of a habit. Some habits are important and life-giving while others are destructive and this is mainly based
on the type of habits a person has in his/her life.

In simple terms, there are two
kinds of habits which are ‘bad habits’ and ‘good habits’. Bad habits are the
ones that are responsible for most failures and mistakes in one`s life and they often lead to a kind of abuse called self- sabotage. On the other hand, good habits are the ones that are responsible for realisation of one`s true potential and success in life. Good habits are the foundation for better living in all areas
of life (be it spiritually, financially, academically, socially, mentally and health welfare). The basic advantage of habits is their ability to be created and destroyed. All habits are developed/created. According to psychologists, it almost takes 21 consecutive days or more, for a new habit to be developed in
one`s life. This means that a person can develop good habits and can also
destroy or break bad habits after 21 consecutive days or more.

The key to developing or destroying a habit is consistency. There`s a secret that “the only way to change a habit is to replace it with another habit”. This means that if an individual want`s to change or break bad habits, he/she must replace those bad habits with good habits. Everything you give attention to grows, magnifies and multiplies.

The key to breaking bad habits is replacing them with good habits and for this to happen self- discipline is very vital. The road that leads to success and failure are all the same. The way how good habits leads to better living and realisation of true potential and success. It is the very
same way how bad habits leads to destruction and failure in life. Both bad habits and good habits have the same amount of power and both of them controls a person`s life but in different ways. The most important point to note is that “good habits are hard to develop or create but easy to live with”.

While “bad habits are easy to develop or create but hard to live with”. The
amount of success in one`s life is dependent on the amount of good habits over bad habits a person has. The amount of achieving greatness in life is directly proposition to the amount of good habits an individual gat in one`s life.
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