Dirty Soap Washes Dirty Cloth: A Replica of Magu’s Case and Way Out by Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Dirty Soap Washes Dirty Cloth: A Replica of Magu’s Case and Way Out
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Fighting against corruption in this present administration is like using a dirty soap to wash a dirty cloth. The Leader of watch-dog body to all potential corrupt people is corrupt himself. The case of Magu is not a surprising one, because at the onset when he was facing rejection by the National Assembly from being the head of EFCC due to his skeleton in the cupboard, Baba gave a deaf hear to the agitation and left him to be the controller of the body. Here is now the dawn of reality in the so-called fighting against corruption agenda. Who is corrupt please?

The fighting is an eternal wrestling. The endemic of corruption has claimed lives more than Covid-19 pandemic. Save no sector, corruption has become rampant among all sectors in Nigeria. The way of draining public money by all the government parastatal is beyond a say. It seems corruption in Nigeria has become a norm. It sees with no disdaining eyes. Even the yet born Nigerians can also testify to it.

The likeness of fighting corruption in Nigeria is like choosing a thief among other thieves to be the watch-dog of the remaining potential thieves. All that you are protecting from potential thieves will definitely be taken away by the so-called watch-dog leader. Because a corrupt leader is not a panacea to corrupt followers. A blind that leads other blinds, definitely dam will be their destination.

The corruption has become part of Nigerians and Nigerians have become relative to it. Nobody is ready to serve Nigeria, but serve his family. The stanza of our Anthem have been modified by Nigerians; ‘To serve Nigeria is not by force, but to serve my family’. This shows that even the minds of so-called leaders of tomorrow have been preparing to embezzle our money by the exemplar leaders of today. It has really become our tradition.

Corruption will persist in Nigeria if we fold our hands from the needful and expect neatful. It is in this country that corrupt leaders are being celebrated. It is in this country that Ph.d is awarded to corrupt ones. In Nigeria, the level of your corruption will determine your rank . Nigeria has to seriously stop this and give strict punishment for this grossly act.

In fact, this act is killing people directly and indirectly more than Covid-19. The Money that is meant for the survival of all Nigerians are being kept in one’s pocket, not to serve Nigerians but serve his family. Infrastructure Gross mismanagement on the financial recklessness has to be treated with strick hand and wrath punishment of law. And all those who are caught red handed should be punished to serve as deterrent.

I think the only way to minimize this if not eradication is to do like other countries do in fighting corruption. Our law-drafters has to make a strict law cum with severe punishment to serve as a deterrent to pottential perpetrators. Judiciary has to give justice unbiasedly and give due punishment as law provided. Executive is not left out, they have to go extra mile in their investigation in order to be able to bring any perpetrators to book.

Nigeria has to emulate China in fighting corruption, perhaps it will cut down the feathers of this ungodly pandemic. In China way, if you are found that you have mismanaged the government money, the punishment is death penalty. I think if Nigeria can adopt this, it will go a long way to curb corruption in Nigeria. If Nigeria fails to take a serious step to kill the corruption, corruption may one day kill Nigeria.

But before then, God bless Nigeria.

Olayinka is a 300 level law student, University of Ilorin/ humanitarian Activist, Essayist/ Poet/ Opinion writer, and Investigative Journalist.

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