Life’s Diary (Episode Twelve)Raymond Hussipupi: A Lesson To Learn by OLAYINKA ABDURRAZZAQ

Life’s Diary (Episode Twelve)

Raymond Hussipupi: A Lesson To Learn

When the drum’s rythme changes, the dance will surely also change, Yoruba proverb. Your life will always contain its laudation and commendation before people in as much as your picture of life remains its status qou.

Abbas Abdurrahman he bears, but named himself Hussipupi in order to save his real picture before people, because of his illicit act. Many have died, many are still crying innerly because of his ungodly act. Despite this, people are still hailing and praising him. Notwithstanding the fact that they know what he is doing for means.

His life can be likened to the ancient folk of swaggering elephant which related to us when were young. It is about a swaggering elephant and the choir behind him. The people tickle him with their songs of praise, the drum rolls and the dances. His head dizzy, he feels like deity in the confetti of flattery. The elephant swings right and left forward in slow, majestic strides.

“We are behind you, keep dancing ahead,” they reassure him. As he advances, he is not looking forward but at himself, impressed by the finery of his apparel and the bouquet of applause. Suddenly, he reaches a precipice and falls over. Before he knows it, there is no more choir, no more drum rolls or applause. All silence. He alone, crestfallen, wounded, comically belly up.

That is exactly replica of the life of Hussipupi now, He was commending by his fans, now he has gained the dividends of his hand. Behind the bar he is now, no more hailing, wives has gone, no more fans, close friends are hidden their faces from any means of relating them to him. Now, things fall aparts.

Such is life. No matter how long false might have been in existence, it will one day ceases its breathing by truth. Whatever you are doing today be conscious of tomorrow and your Lord. Don’t be carried away by people applauses. Verily, the consequence of your actions will soon arrive and you will see that all those who are hailling, clapping, cheering wildly in pandemonium behind you will go off within five minutes, and you will be alone in reaping what you sow. Learn to be yourself, a deceit life last no longer. Whatever you sow today, you shall reap it tomorrow.

Keep writing your diary before Hussipupi hacked your hands.

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