Excellence in Marriage and Academy by Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Excellence in Marriage and Academy
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Life is a lesson for every blessed person to reason. It is an admitted fact that people learn lesson from the life of the great people that have taken their leaves or from the living legends.

Today’s lesson is distilled from the life of a living legend, Salako Hamdallah. Her life’s diary is a document that gives life to any dying life. She is a legend that I have known for almost five years. Her life is interesting, compelling and commending, but not without challenges and obstacles.

She is a young woman that got married early. The marriage beatifies her life better than before she signed a life contract with her husband. Notwistanding, like everyone, she faced serious clogs that seemed to delay the journey but by His mighty, she subdued the obstacles.

She had her first child when we were about to resume to 200 level. She almost lost hope of succeeding in her academy in 100 level due to the stress of the pregnancy. Believe me, at this time, Hamdallah’s condition called for empathy.

With all these, she roughed the tough journey in both first and second semester to her destination. To my supprise, you too may do, she succeeded excellently both in delivery and academy.

She gave birth to her beautiful first daughter, Aasiyah and combined this with the Better by far scholar of her department –English Education. Surprised? It is a must for every living. She told me that the day she heard her name as the scholar of her department, she wept. I said, that’s a joyful weeping.

Also another unplanned pregnancy occured during 200l break again and Alhamdulillah Today.. Education is going smoothly and excellently, two successful children are on the row and she is still maintaining her university scholarship.

She said, “Untill you wrote this, I’m just realising that it’s indeed a motivation and evidence that indeed a successful marriage can never debar educational attainment. So far both spouses are on mutual and uniform goals and world view”.

To cap it, she said, “Alhamdulillah Robil A’alamin. Indeed, I’m extremely indebted to Allah for his exigent mercies and blessings Upon my life. Which of the favors of Allah can I deny? Absolutely none! ”

Her life is a lesson to learn that, God is mirraculous in His doing. Just sincerely rely on him and He will do mirracle in your life. To be candid, He crowns one’s efforts to the apex where one expects less.

The duo work perfectly well. Marriage affects not eduction as a sound knowledge enhances marital blissfulness. If she could make her scholarship competitive, you can make yours more better by far. Don’t give up.

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