The lost of A year Academy: A Great Miscarriage for Nigerian Students by Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

The lost of A year Academy: A Great Miscarriage for Nigerian Students
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

It is not a gainsaying that the impact of this ravaging virus has left no stone unturned in Nigeria and the whole world. Just mention a country? It is a globally pandemic that left no country a comic. It halts everything without a gun. All the nations bow for it respectfully.

The Covid-19 has greatly affected both economy and our educational sector in Nigeria. It really shows the indifference of this country to the educational sector. The standard of learning is still crying for help.

I was shocked and wanted to be crying when the news reached me via the minister of education, Adamu Adamu that Nigerians student may lose a year academy in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 and to save the life of the citizens. Which is the soul responsibility of any leader: Security and welfarism.

In fact, this is a great miscarriage for Nigerian students. The replica of this is like a woman that had already conceived and happiness has been ringing in her mind by counting day by day and month by month to the day of her delivery, suddenly, the pregnancy fell down and lost on the way. Its imprint marks will never leave the heart of such woman.

Like the woman, that is the situation of Nigerian students in this novel mode of living. Many a student has been counting day by day, month by month and year by year to his /her graduation, but unfortunately enough that that hope has lost its pregnancy to Covid-19. The journey of a year has to be started afresh perhaps next year.

Both primary and secondary schools are not exceptions to this effect. It is sad that in history, WAEC will not hold in Nigeria this year. Notwithstanding the announcement of the WAEC, that the exam will start in August. It is a painful moment and pathetic news that none will not take place due to fear of this pandemic.

This is really touching the hearts of all Nigerian students. Though the impact of Covid-19 has no bound, it touches in all the areas of our lives. It reshaped our relationships, it makes natural cough and sneezing be a symptom of Covid-19.

It though affected economy enormously, yet it can regain its strength by diversification of economy. But its impact on educational sector is an imprint marks in our heart that can never be rejuvenated by any means. Because the lost of a year, no matter how length government may run academic calendar, can not be recovered again. It is gone and gone forever.

Ah Covid-19! No nation will forget your impact in our lives. You story must be documented like Nigerian constitution. It is a tale that must be related to coming generation and unyet born must read about it. In fact, you are a great pandemic ever had that has great impact on every nation.

A 300-level law student, University of Ilorin.

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