Everyone prays for paradise but no one wish to die in reality. It’s a clear scenario of kids clamouring to meet Superman but they walk past Clerk Kent on daily basis. About a decade ago @Sheikh Yahya Oshoala (As-Samadani) said for every situation in life, always give thanks to God because something worst might have happened instead. He gave a proverbial account of a wise fellow who in every incident says “if this didn’t happen something worst might have happened”. On a faithful day a Rich man lost his son and the neighborhood went to pay their condolences to him. The wise fellow told the rich man to give thanks to God for if this had not happen…..

The Rich man was angry about what the Wise fellow said but the former didn’t utter a word apart from thanking everyone that has come to express their heartfelt condolences. Few weeks later the Rich man organized a prayer session in memory of his late son and invited all the kids in the neighborhood. The Wise fellow’s son was also invited. On his way going, he was knocked down by a vehicle, badly hurt and rushed to the hospital. When news circulated and people started coming to check on the boy at the hospital the Rich man came as well and he noticed that the Wise fellow didn’t stop giving thanks to God for if that had not happen something worst might have happened.

The Rich man submitted in the end, you’ve been saying this for years but today I believe you. I thought you’ve always acted that way out of wickedness but today I understand that is indeed the reality of life. As a matter of fact I intentionally organized the prayer session to poison your child and see if you will sing a new song. But as God will have it your son became hurt thereby escaping something worst (death).

Rest on Alhaji Nosiru Adeyinka Lawal Akolemobasi {a.k.a Pan Lawal}

And the man died on the path of deen nul islam,
He died doing good,
He died ensuring that family bonds aren’t broken,
He died in the service to humanity,
He died bulding people,
He died without reaping all he sowed.

✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660

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