Life’s Diary (Episode Eighteen) Does Nigeria Has Law? by OLAYINKA ABDURRAZZAQ

Life’s Diary (Episode Eighteen)

Does Nigeria Has Law?

It is not a gainsaying that Nigeria as a country has plethoral of laws, even a lay man knows that there is law in place. So the answer to the question is not far-fetched at all, because even the reader of this episode can bear me witness that Nigeria has various laws regulating various faces of life.

Yes, Nigeria has law regulating rape, but rape is rampant and common as money. Kidnapping has law, but it has become the business of the day and ransom is the profit. Armed robbery has its laws, yet we do hear robbery cases every here and there. Banditry is popular as june 12 in the west and Nothern Nigeria as if it has no law. What a pity!

Corruption has its law and body regulating it, yet corruption has become number one citizen in Nigeria. It has become so rampant that every facets of all sectors in our country saved not from it. There is no any arms of government that can exonorate itself from the endemic of this virus. It is a reknown being in Nigeria and living as if it has no law to sentence and execute it.

Cybercrime is a night and home business that is common among Nigerians, though our law-makers have not waken up from their slumber to pass a bill on this crime, yet it can be criminalized under law regulating fraud and deceit. But it is sad that the popupar cybercrimer save from Nigerian law but caught outside. Does law exist?

Embezzelling, abuse of offices and pocketing Nigerians’ money has not been seen with disdaining eyes as if there is no law regulating it. Abuse of court, contempt of court and infridgement upon fundamental human rigths of citizens are so surplus as sand, yet nothing has been done. Law is sick, I think.

Frankly speaking, the problem of Nigeria is not about having law, she had different laws as you can see, but Nigerian law can be likened to a person that bought a car with no engine. Please what will move the car? No matter how exotic and beutiful the car may be, believe you me, it moves to nowhere.

Like the car, is the Nigerian law. This country has various beautiful laws, yet she has lost the engine that will put that law in action, which is implementation and enforcement. Had been all our laws are driving with strict implementation and get severe enforcement from the law enforcement, verily, the rate of crime will definitely reduce in Nigeria.

This is a time for our government to device a better way and make sure that the enforcement and implementation follow the making of laws, in order to save our laws from being living as a dead. If Nigeria fails to take the neccessay step at this right time, all these crimes may turn this country into a lawless one. Which I pray not.

But before then, God bless Nigeria. God bless you.

Keep writing your diary, don’t let Nigeria’s problem deters you from remembering your living. Keep living, you will soon see green light.

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