Life’s Diary (Episode Seventeen) Be an Actor Not a Boss by Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Life’s Diary (Episode Seventeen)

Be an Actor Not a Boss
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Indeed,Everything that sorrunds us is a motivational speaker to us, unless we pay no attention to it. I was carried away two days ago, when I was reading Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji’s write-up that juxtaposed human life to a bathroom.

Wherein he said, “Do you know that the bathroom is tolerant? It doesn’t matter how dirty and smelly you are in the bathroom, it will never take advantage of your carelessness. Do you know that at the slightest mistakes and errors from others you flare up? Are you patient enough to bear and tolerate the weakness of others?
Learn from d bathroom”. This is just a taste out of it. To be sincere, it is worth reading.

In literature, the concept of a protagonist and an antagonist, even with divergent views of scholars on it, remains odd to anyone who has formal knowledge of literature. But it is generally understood when the protagonist is called as Actor and the antagonist is called Boss.

Indeed, actor and boss is not novel to you, even a year- old child knows the distinction between them in a film. The duo have nothing in common. Neither their objectives nor their endings.

The most suffering character in every film is an actor. At the onset, boss does enjoy and beat the actor to a dying stage. Actor’s condition at that time in any film do call for emphaty.

As the film is going to the end, sudenly the Actor’s rough journey to victory will start becoming clear and near. Five minutes to the end of the film, the actor will become the victor, regain his freedom, and be the one to laugh last.

Like the Actor in a film, you will surely go through uneasiness in your life. You will suffer from the hands obstacles, but you have to be like an actor. Be endurance, perseverance and patience, verily, you will become the victor of your obstacles, and you will definitely laugh last.

Keep writing your diary, don’t let any hinderances hinder your hands from writing.

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