Nigeria’s Embargo on WASSCE 2020: A crying for Human and Technology’s Succor. byOlayinka Abdurrazzaq

Nigeria’s Embargo on WASSCE 2020: A crying for Human and Technology’s Succor.
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

The ravaging of the Covid-19 pandemic is a globally one. Most of the nations are immensely get affected by its impact. Nevertheless, many have been able to rise from their fall with the aid of devicing plethoral ways through aid of technology to contain the clog webs of this pandemic.

The Preservation of life should be the first priority of any government. Besides, amongst the ways of preserving the life of citizens is to give them a standard education. Indeed, our educational sector is crying for both human and technology’s succor.

On 30 June, 2020, the presidential taskforce on coronavirus gave green light for graduating secondary school classes for Nigeria to reopen even as they extended phase two of the lockdown. This was a good news, but it is pathetic that not quite long than the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu advised the WAEC and state governments not to reopen schools until they are safe to do so. Please, who will save educational sector other the minister of education?

It sad that the Nigeria is still crawling on her falling, not yet to device any solution to reinvigorate her hurt from her fall. This is a dire time for the government to rise from her grumbling in order to save the Nigerian students’s futurity.

It’s an admitted fact that the WAEC is a regional examination body regulating within the legitimate power of governments of the five-member countries. If other countries have been able to find ways to suppress the effect of this pandemic in order to save the future of their citizens, I think the Nigeria government should also do the same rather than drawing back the future of the tomorrow’s leader.

Lo and behold, ignorance is killing more than this Covid-19. If our educational sector has not gained its standard foundation to stand on itself since years we have been allocating budget to it, I’m afraid of how future of tomorrow’s leaders would be.

Amongst the main thing that causes rampant terrorists, kidnapping, Boko haram, banditry and other felony crime in Nigeria is lack of standard education. When our educational sector and its system of running is sound, I believe that there won’t be any criminal in Nigeria. And even if there is, it will be a minimal in nature.

That’s why the dethroned Emir, Lamido Sanusi, said in one of his speeches, when he was addressing the low of education in Kano, that the only asset that the citizens of this state can inherit from the government is a standard education, which will make them to be able to compete outside this state and this country…

This is just a sugestion and imploration to the government, most especially the ministry of education to solicit the future of Nigerian students by devicing a possible way through means of technology and human resources in order to make sure that the 2020 WAEC is holding for these students. Because it is a means of progressing in eduction and well-being of this country.

It’s pandemic we are experiencing now, yet not knowing means of survival for education not to talk of economy. We know not of what is in pocket for us after this. If Nigerian government could not find a way to sustain the life of education cum citizens’ life. it is my fear that if what is to come after is more grave than this, our educational system may absolutelly die without rejuvenation.

But before then, Gob bless Nigeria.

Olayinka is a 300 level law student, university of ilorin.

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