Today on our healthpository series:Peptic Ulcer Disease by Yusuf Babatunde

Today on our healthpository series
Peptic Ulcer Disease by Yusuf Babatunde

Ulcer occur when there is a hole in the lining of the stomach, usually cause by stomach acid known as the digestive juice or bacteria known as Halicobacter Pylori.
Peptic ulcer usually affect the digestive tract, such as the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine.
This occur as a burning pain that occur in between the upper abdomen and lower belly, you can also feel sharp pain by the side of the stomach.

Ucler are mostly cause by bacterial know as Halicobacter Pylori (H.pylori) or by use of pain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

Treatments depends on the causes of the ulcer, antibacterial drugs can be use to treat H.pylori and antacids can be use to reduce the production of the stomach acid.

Myth 1: Ulcers are caused by stress and anxiety eating you up inside.
Myth 2: Spicy foods burn holes in your stomach.
Myth 3: To heal ulcers, eat only white foods (milk, potatoes, rice).
Myth 4: Ulcers happen only in your stomach.

It is a known fact that stress and spicy food can’t cause ulcer but however they can make the pain worse.
Also milk can only reduce the pain for a while.

Peptic ulcer disease can be successfully treated and prevented from reoccurring in almost all cases.
Remember self medication is not advised so as not to make the case worsen, quickly speak to a doctor or a health personnel for your treatment.

Yusuf Babatunde
Health advocate

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