Life’s Diary (Episode Twenty): Your Account Balance? byOlayinka Abdurrazzaq

Life’s Diary (Episode Twenty)

Your Account Balance?
Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Keep calm, I don’t ask for your bank balance. No, it is not your airtime balance. I mean, your account balance. The one you opened when you about to come to this life. The one you got automatically without any using I.D. Cards.

Everyone in this life has an account before our Lord. This account always get alert either debit or credit. Whatever you get is your handy work. Behold, the accountants are surrounding you recording your account statements.

Verily, good acts credit your account while bad acts debit your accounts. How much do you have in your account? If EFCC (death) invites you today, are you ready to show up? Is the amount in account is sufficient to buy a mansion in the paradise?

Audit your account by yourself today, before the day you will be accounted by the next world’s EFCC. Lo, Either Magu or Umar is the boss, indeed, both will also bow before the Lord and account for what they have put forth.

Since you are on the earth at the present, hope is certain that you can still workhard to credit your account. Save yourself from acts that debit account; backbiting, stealing, lying, abusing, embezzeling, bribery, etc… Behold, these kind of actions know better how to hack your account more than Hushpuppi.

Dear bretheren, your account balance is very important. Strive here to make sure that it gets fat everyday. Indeed, nobody will pay you pension after your departure here. The only oxygen you will have to survive your breathing in the nextlife is your account statement.
Please, manage it well.

Keep writing, your diary is getting fat everyday. Do credit your account everyday, because that is your certificate to either Paradise or Hell-fire.


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