Today on our Healthpository series Headache by Yusuf Babatunde

Today on our Healthpository series Headache by Yusuf Babatunde

Headache is a pain that occur on any part of the head (right, left, middle, front or at the the back of the neck), caused by dilation or cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction of drugs. According to World Health Organization, 1 in 20 people in the developed world suffer with a daily tension headache. Headache can be a sign of stress, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, or any underlying health condition.

*Headache can be classify into two:*
1) Primary headache is the type of headache which is cause by stress or emotional instability and not usually from any underlying health condition.
2) Secondary headache are cause by underlying health conditions, this type of headaches need to be attend to by a health practional.

*Types of headache:*
Tension headache. Cluster headache. Migraine headache.
Allergy or Sinus headache. Hormone headache.
Caffeine headache. Hypertension headache.
Exertion headache.
The list is inexhaustible.

*Factors that can cause headache:*
Emotional instability: Anxiety, Stress.
Medical condition: drug overuse, brain tumor
Physical injury: Accident Environmental factors: Weather

Treatment can be done with the use of pain relief drugs or taking enough rest for primary headache.
You need to visit the hospital when the pain is getting severe or when the number of days increase than the usual.
Recognizing the cause and the symptoms of a headache can help to take proper action.

Yusuf Babatunde
Health advocate

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