NEXT WORLD APTITUDE_____No To Warlike Election_____by Sultan Babatunde LAWAL

_____No To Warlike Election_____

Elections can not continue to be warlike with homicide,
Our politicians claim to love those they intend to serve but still kill the to attain power,
No man’s political ambition is worth killing or dying for,
The youths should desist from been used as hand gloves worn only for dirty jobs.

The casualties of taking power by force outweighs it gains,
In a modern era where every polity is developed,
We can not afford to keep moving backward,
To serve the people is not by force.

No election or position is worth a do or die,
Let’s consider the lives and properties at stake,
The people’s mandate should be a freewill,
It high time our democracy stop suffering from electoral violence.

Why endanger the lives of our security personnel ?,
Oh, atimes the cops are parties to the abnormalities,
The guardian and guarded becomes insignificant in a tensed situation,
Who and what guilds the guardian becomes oblivion.

It’s true power is never served a la carte,
Neither should it be earned forcefully,
Winning to lose and losing to win is a principle of life so as chess,
Nothing in life last forever.

✍🏽 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL.
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497.

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