Today on our healthpository seriesDrug misuse by Yusuf Babatunde drug misuse

Today on our healthpository series
Drug misuse by Yusuf Babatunde

Drug is a subtance used to treat illnesses or to stop the reoccurence of a diseases.
Drug misuse is the process whereby an individual use a particular drugs without doctor’s attention or prescription. Drug misuse is also using a particular drug for a certain illness without knowing the real cause of the illness or without going through any clinical diagnosis.
Drug misuse is defined as the use of a substance for a purpose not consistent with legal or medical guidelines (WHO, 2006). No doubt, 7 in 10 person falls into this category.
There is a quite different between drug misuse and drug abuse.

Ways people misuse drug include:

Taking the incorrect dose.
Taking a dose at the wrong time. Forgetting to take a dose.
Stopping medicine too soon.
Taking someone else’s medication.
Taking a dose the wrong way. This might be crushing a tablet and then injecting them.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), prescription drug misuse may involve not following medical instructions, but the person taking the drug is not looking to “get high.” For example, if a person isn’t able to fall asleep after taking a single sleeping pill, they may take another pill an hour later, thinking, “That will do the job.” Or a person may offer his headache medication to a friend who is in pain. Those are examples of drug misuse because, according to the FDA, the person is treating him or her self, but not according to the directions of their health care providers.

Prescription of medications have many beneficial effects, when used under proper medical supervision. They can help us live longer, healthier lives. But these same medications have the potential to produce dangerous side effects and deadly outcomes, especially when misused or abused. Because of this potential for harm, prescription medications should be used precisely as prescribed, and only by the person for whom they are intended.

It is always advised to seek medical attention whenever we feel there is a change in the body system, rather than going for quick self medication, in as much as we want to quickly treat ourselves we can also cause more damage to the body system unknowingly.
Different health issues or diseases has the same symptoms and signs, we can only be able to know the underlying cause when we go through clinical diagnosis.

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