Today on our healthpository seriesFever by Yusuf BabatundeHealth Advocate

Today on our healthpository series
Fever by Yusuf Babatunde
Health Advocate

Fever is the rise in the body temperature often due to an illness. Fever occur when the body temperature rises above average level. Fever is a sign that something unusual is going on in your body system. Although most causes of fever are infection such as colds, and gastroenteritis, others include infection of the ear lungs throat, wound etc. Fever is not really something to worry about, unless its above 39.4C (103F). Most fever usually subdue by there own. Fever seems to play an important role in helping your body fight off a number of infections.
Body temperature varies throughout the day, it may increase by a degree or lower by a degree and can still be consider as normal temperature.

Fever can be cause by different underlying causes, some may need medical attention and some maybe left untreated. Some fever can be cause by unknown origin.
Some of the causes of fever are:
Infection: such as bacterial and virus
Heat exhaustion
Vaccines and Immunizations
Illegal drug use
Certain inflammatory conditions
Side effects of medications

Most fever can be treated with over the counter drugs. But there is a need to consult your doctor once the fever did not reduce after using over the counter drugs or the fever comes with other symptoms or sign.
Personal hygiene is also important to prevent fever.
Drink a lot of water it helps you to stay hydrated which help to reduce fever.
Avoid taking of alcohol, tea and coffee as these drinks can cause slight dehydration.

Yusuf Babatunde
Health Advocate

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