NEXT WORD APTITUDE_____Don’t Quit____by sultan Babatunde Lawal

_____Don’t Quit____

Remember how you started,
Don’t forget what pushed you to begin,
Be mindful of those you inspire,
Your believe to sail on will keep you afloat.

The dreams of a generation is embodied in you,
Don’t quench the fire over a cold feet,
Make the fire bigger that cold becomes insignificant,
Ponder solutions that consume the problems and more.

Always predict the next obstacle and prepare for it,
Don’t throw in the towel while still sweating,
Self believe and self respect helps a lot,
Consistency is key to relevancy.

Rekindle your hopes daily like fresh fire,
Always be adaptive to change but preserve your originality,
Source information to avoid deformation,
Always seek updates to avert been outdated.

There is no limit to your ability,
If someone else can or can’t you surely can,
Find what motivate you and do more of it,
Only you can push you towards success.

✍🏽 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL.
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497.

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