NEXT WORD APTITUDE: Let’s say a prayer

______Let’s say a prayer______

All adorationss belongs to the almighty,
The gift of life is indeed priceless,
We appreciate the things we have,
Your grace has gotten us this far.

So many evil around but you see us through,
Forgive our shortcomings,
Only you we give thanks to,
Enrich us in knowledge and understanding.

Maybe we are not where we want to be,
Neither are we where we use to be,
Which of the blessings of the Lord shall we deny,
If life exist then hope persist.

We look up to you our creator,
We work with sincerity,
Bless our handwork,
When hardworking meets grace nothing is unattainable.

As we bow before you,
Grant us our heart desires,
Protect us from the wicked world,
Guide us right always.

✍🏽 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL.
FB: Lawal Sultan
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497.

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