NEXT WORLD APTITUDE: Pains of Soldiers

______Pains of Soldiers______

We have our families same as they,
Our relatives can’t afford to risk death for communal interest,
Theirs have no choice than to accept their fate and pray,
May be they do more than the Angels we never saw.

We pray for safety behind closed doors,
They pray for safety in front of death,
The highest we can do is wishing them well,
But we can all sleep and pray for protections.

No one ever bothers on what guides the guardians,
Forget the deities and worship men in uniform,
Where was the deity when the warriors showed bravery in front of bullets,
It always seems easy until you give it a trial.

They have death in their pouch we think,
Let us all face the war and get the gun salute if it turns out the other way,
Or stay back in the comfort of our home and if we die we die,
They are rendering a priceless and selfless service.

A man beating drum for his fellow man to dance is doing a strenuous job,
They deserve our all as they are giving theirs,
A motivated soldier is a dutiful one,
God bless the guardians.

✍🏽 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL.

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