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Wiping his sweaty face with a handkerchief, Amos said, “You are not my spec. Your acne never goes away even with all these products you use. Take a look at yourself,”
“You look too dry and you are not even that bright. I don’t think I can marry you again.” He spatted on the floor. Threading his long nails in his hair, he said, “God! What was I thinking the first day I met you?”
“I’m so sorry. I will do something about it. Please don’t leave me.” Chioma said trying so hard to stop her quivering lips.

Some of us are Chioma and this is our everyday experience. Being mocked for attributes we have almost no control over. We are forced to carry this emblem of shame around even when we don’t want it to follow us. Our perception of self worth becomes almost nonexistent. What happens next is…

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