I believe in God,
But my believe in religious people has ended,
Every day light robbery; begins with a prayer,
Hardly will you see a thief without anointing.

Each bad act begins with supplications,
Religion is indeed the opium of the masses
People often send the devil away,
Just for a bigger devil to operate.

Religion is like a knife,
You either use it to cut bread for the poor,
Or stick at their back,
This assertion by Tutu is a gospel true.

Let every man work on his relationship with God,
Maybe we need to distinguish between been religious and Godly,
Humanity should come first in all we do,
Religion is worthless if you care not about others.

Do not be an angel at worship place,
While you are a devil outside the temple,
Do good always and treat people right,
Remember God sees and exist everywhere.

✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL
E-mail: lawalsultan@gmail.com
Mobile: 08166867660
WhatsApp: 08181293497
Photo credit: Dreamstime.com


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A graduate of Political Science from University of Ilorin. A post graduate student of University of Ibadan. A Certified Admin Manager|Writer|Administrator|Comrade|Politician| Public Speaker.

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