What ifs? by barakaat nurain


What if we talk about hereafter too,
The way we talk about life?
And we preach ‘fear of God’ too,
The way we discuss ‘true love’ ?

What if we constantly remember,
That this life is temporary?
Hence to prepare ourselves for a good hereafter,
We put fear of the creator above our desires?

What if we are God-fearing?
And we inculcate this habit into our younger generations?
Their status, wealth and fame
Acquired only through clean sources?

What if they do not grow to become corrupt leaders?
Neither do they grow to become deceitful clerics?
Nor do they grow to become murderers ?
Oh! What a better world life would have been.

What if we were left unquestioned after death?
Then death would have been the comfort of every living.
But when we die we would be resurrected,
And then we would be asked about everything.

Barakaat Nurain.

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