Stop Paying Salary: It Is Suicidal to Get Alert by Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

Stop Paying Salary: It Is Suicidal to Get Alert

Olayinka Abdurrazzaq

The deterninant of step taking in a dance is the rythm of drum. Once there is a change in the rhythm, the dance will surely change. This should be a regulation in Nigeria. But it is sad that the drumer of our country is not to be found and dancers have taken their systems of dancing into their hands.

It is no doubt that the ravaging Covid-19 has left no stone untuned. Our lives have been reshaped by the archtecturist Corona virus. The way of living is regulated by Mr. Covid-19. Educational sector is not exempted from the impact of this pandemic. It has halted our education for months.

However, as the Federal government tries to reinvigorate the lost glory and rebuild hope for the hopeless students, ASUU seems be the clog in the wheel of government to reach the door of resumption. As states announce resumption, ASUU titled it ‘Suicidal’.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities on Monday warned the Federal Government to be ready for any possible negative consequences following its plan to reopen tertiary institutions earlier closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It said, it wasn’t enough to have the students back to schools and also a suicidal to reopen universities”. If it is suicidal to reopen universities, to continue getting alert without working is more suicidal than this. The regulation should be no work, no pay. If they are indiferrent concerning the students’ future, the government should stop paying their salary. Believe me, within a month, ASUU will change the rythm of their drum to tone of resumption. Because money is life.

But before then, God bless Nigeria.

Keep warming hope for resumption, but 2021 is not far from us. So calm down.

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