Month: September 2020

What Ifs by Olayinka

CVI GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS: WHAT IF What if Hoes refuse to dig the land ? What if Cutlass seized to cultivate the land ?, What if the land dies ? What if the rains holds its water ? What if the sun refuse to brighten up ? What if the moon hides its face underneath…

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Heaven (2) by Moshood orilowo

Heaven Part 2 No cry in heaven Yet, God will wipe away tearsIn heaven There will be joy in heaven Yet, some saints will remember Their loved ones in hellWhat a hell! Heaven is enormousYet, only few who are above boardShall fly in the aircraft to heaven on boardHeaven is a holy ground Only those…

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What ifs? by barakaat nurain

CVI GAME OF WHAT IFs ? What if we talk about hereafter too, The way we talk about life?And we preach ‘fear of God’ too, The way we discuss ‘true love’ ? What if we constantly remember,That this life is temporary?Hence to prepare ourselves for a good hereafter,We put fear of the creator above our…

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