Living on Gari Happy and Healthy by Muhyideen Kolawole

Living on Gari Happy and Healthy by Muhyideen Kolawole

I was so delighted when I saw this development in my environment. Gari factory turns to be seen with a modern sight. Vision changes, taking Gari to the next level of respect, the one used to be fried under the neem tree is now being produced inside a neat well-built roofing. Kudos.

As usual, women are always found in such a business like this. In contrary to what we have known, they put on a uniform. White apron with Tigerdoe chef hat, all looked smart on them. I was impressed. In fact, I saw the need to buy two cups and drink. What a novel way to integrate the Gari business!

Gaari! You exclaim as if it doesn’t worth it. Maybe you have never met the good spirit behind the food. No advert though, it sells better than income. It is inarguably that students’ rate for Gari consumption is more than that of spaghetti.

Besides, you never witnessed Fodiyo Varsity students’ quest for Gari after their three square meals (which I’m one of them). If in Danfodiyo alone, all Gari factories in Kwara State should be supplying the students, Kwara is rich. Have you ever heard about this? There is a ‘Gari Consumer Students Association in Fodiyo Varsity’.

The experience proved a common joke to be a reality. That Gari should be included in the first aid box is a good suggestion. As well said, it has been rescuing lives since 1960. Even today, students believe Gari to be their means of survival and if so, why not given the special treatment given to Indomine? 

And to add value to the common food, the novel idea came on board.

Something really triggered the idea. It’s the novel pandemic. Covid-19 speaks nothing good about our economy though, its advantage on many a man today can never be overemphasized. The reality of life dons man the garb of shame and humiliation. The government’s inability to provide for the citizens became clear, people cried bitterly but later realized that every man is accountable for his life. So they make moves.

Palliatives or giveaways, all went within a couple of weeks without much effect. From there, those who claimed to be sincere and holy wore their natural gown, the dress of extortion and corruption. In the end, we realized that the yet-to-be leaders are worse than the leaders.

But some decent men and women would not want to become beggars in the daylight and burglars at night. They devised new business plans that fit into the current condition, an unusual technique that could change the narration. But as God will wish it, it turned a positive result. Here we have a good Gari to drink.

It is also ethical to have Gari produced in such a clean manner. Contrary to the former way, this brand will be devoid of sand and dust emitted by the tree under which it is fried. Bird feces, insects and germs, and other harmful particles will not have themselves buried inside our daily nourishment.

The best way to improve is by thinking beyond the box. Gari has integrated positively, Foofoo is another local food seen everywhere. After that, boiled cake beans (Eku) can migrate successfully. Within a couple of years, even with our local foods, we live happy and healthy.

Muhyideen Kolawole is a student journalist and final year student of English language at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


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