The lost children by AdeBimps


Thousand of children go missing
The sadness of the parents makes my heart weeping
We notice not the tears of the lost children
Talking of molestation and statutory rape
Their background doesn’t define their destiny
The lost children becomes homeless but not hopeless
Their hazardous sleep makes them have unfinished dream
Drenched in the morning rain
Shivering in their emaciated bones in the streets
The lost children have nebulous hope and aspiration
Standing, kneeling and bending to beg for alms
Suffering from all sorts of disease like vitiligo
The lost children are not orphan, they have family

Think of all the LOST children
Remember the LOST children

Know how hurtful their existence is
Dress in tattered clothes
Live under bridges that dotted the city
Sleep on cardboard on hard concrete floor
Battle with kinds of insects like mosquitoes
Lack of parental care because of parental deprivation
Quenching their thirst with tears
Living in a fool’s paradise
The lost children becomes citizens of no nation
Suffering and smiling
Sometimes, some people get them wrong
When it’s something they’ve said or done
Sometimes they feel there’s no fun
That’s why they turn and run

Think of all the LOST children
Remember the LOST children

If you think the lost children are good for nothing
Then you are bad for something
Their present situation is not their final destination
They have uncanny ability to defuse situation
Craving for the lost children deep in my heart
We pray for our mothers and fathers
We pray for our daily life
Wishing our families and friends well
We sing song for the one we love
But not for the lost children
The lost children aspire to acquire what they desire
Should be given recognition because they are part of God’s creation

Think of all the LOST children
Remember the LOST children
Let’s pray for all the LOST children
Wish them well
Wish them home.

AdeBimps ✍🏼

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