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EMPIRE OF LOVE (An Anthology) By Ahmed Habeeb Olayinka (Olayinka ✍🏼)

Book launch REVIEW: Empire of love is an anthology containing a series of scintillating and mind-poking poems. The poet personae took his time to sail on ample exhilarating journeys of love with diverse scenarios of ineffable love, heartbreaks, lusts, trusts, promises, infatuations and so much more that you can’t wait to read. Visit our Book…

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ARROW OF FATE episode 22

Arrow Of Fate By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus) Episode 22 From the previous episode… Abdullah had informed Aminah of her coming with his invitation card. Aminah was overjoyed and thanked God that Abdullah had finally found the bride. She informed her boss of his coming of which she had told her about. They were all eager…

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LIFE FOR ME by; ©Sultaaniy as the cool morning breeze Defiles the sanctity of my virgin faceMy grizzled hair puffing like a velvet of feather,My sight sprawl to my sorroundingsA vista of grinning blood bath Assailed my forlorn sightWas this the life I had chosen? Life for me is that of belching nozzlesGuns spitting death,A…

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