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The lost children by AdeBimps

THE LOST CHILDREN Thousand of children go missingThe sadness of the parents makes my heart weepingWe notice not the tears of the lost childrenTalking of molestation and statutory rapeTheir background doesn’t define their destinyThe lost children becomes homeless but not hopelessTheir hazardous sleep makes them have unfinished dreamDrenched in the morning rainShivering in their emaciated…

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Wonderland by Abbas Sani

Wonderland Wonderous land of our earthExquisite scenes all aroundGreen grasses shine perfectlyAnd dance to the wind’s touch The red roses emit scentsThat envelops the fine landFragrance spreads in peaceAs released by the hibiscus Wow! I see the magnificenceThat lies on the colorful birdsI’m lost in the sea of adorationAs my heart longs for the birds…

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THE AFTERMATH OF ANGER by Adeeko Maryam Oluwatobiloba

CVI writer’s trial: THE AFTERMATH OF ANGER by Adeeko Maryam Oluwatobiloba -Zealous pen – There is something in me,Severely inflamed and painful,Just like the raging sea,It kept resurfacing,Affecting me to the extreme core. Words triggered by my emotions,Becoming difficult to alleviate,Impossible to repress,Without considering the implication,It was unwrapped. Invoking strong emotions,I attacked ferociously,Hurting them with…

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