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Wonderland by Abbas Sani

Wonderland Wonderous land of our earthExquisite scenes all aroundGreen grasses shine perfectlyAnd dance to the wind’s touch The red roses emit scentsThat envelops the fine landFragrance spreads in peaceAs released by the hibiscus Wow! I see the magnificenceThat lies on the colorful birdsI’m lost in the sea of adorationAs my heart longs for the birds…

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What Ifs by prosperous Harun

CVI GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS; WHAT IFs What if we stop the ‘what ifs’ ?How well would we transform our thoughts and beliefs?Facing reality rather than mirages like gifs. What if we do the ‘whats’ and ask the ‘ifs’?We’d live with better sigh of relief…Rather than panic like we’re at the edge of a cliff. What…

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Heaven (2) by Moshood orilowo

Heaven Part 2 No cry in heaven Yet, God will wipe away tearsIn heaven There will be joy in heaven Yet, some saints will remember Their loved ones in hellWhat a hell! Heaven is enormousYet, only few who are above boardShall fly in the aircraft to heaven on boardHeaven is a holy ground Only those…

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