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My Heart Beats for youChapter 31 by Yusuf Abdulw I Iasii LITERATUS .***flashback to what happened before chapter 32**Oh My God.Seoul.Korea.Oppas!!!Here I come. I always wanted to go to Seoul rather than Paris. And the fact that there are some good-looking guys here too.I looked over at Shahveer to see he was busy staring around.“Shahveer,…

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ARROW OF FATE episode 13

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘 By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus🌹) Episode 13 All hell was finally let loose when Abdulhakeem was offered a job at NNPC. He was sent to Iran for a on year course with a very fortunate package, he left a little junks of money for my upkeep. On a normal ground, he was…

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