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REWARD by Sulaimon Aishah GbemisolaAMBITIOUS GAS YES! Salubrious A propeller A driverAn elicitorAn emollient An exchange raterReward it is. A prolific attribute to pain or gainWhere goes no pain comes no gain A negative or positive reinforcer The urge drillerAn incentive for an actionValued by the Almighty Reward it is. Even to the inanimate As…

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EMOTION Sulaiman Aishat Gbemisola AMBITIOUS GAS 🖊 oh!Agitation!Sentiment!!A mental state!!!The power in you cannot be underestimatedYour potentiality amidst other existence cannot be thwartPleasure or pain it isFear or relieve be itThe best bereave of agonyThe largest countenance proveThe invisible institution of abstract many facultiesWith only two dimension of certificationEnveloping its positivity or negativityPractically manifested on…

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