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REWARD by Sulaimon Aishah GbemisolaAMBITIOUS GAS YES! Salubrious A propeller A driverAn elicitorAn emollient An exchange raterReward it is. A prolific attribute to pain or gainWhere goes no pain comes no gain A negative or positive reinforcer The urge drillerAn incentive for an actionValued by the Almighty Reward it is. Even to the inanimate As…

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TIME IS LIFEby Sulaimon AishahAMBITIOUS GAS🖊 The hands of the click of clock couldn’t be rewoundEvery now and then it ticksLeaving man desperate, searching in thickForgetting everything happens between wakefulness and sleep.And his moment on earth isn’t too deep.Tick says the sound of the clock,Its distress is huge and its crisis are many.Arise! O son…

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